Data-Tel technicians know all about making connections.

FROM COMPUTER NETWORKS to security systems to accounting methods, most businesses and organizations could not operate if they were not wired for connection. That’s where Data-Tel of Louisiana’s expertise comes in. Data-Tel specializes in the design and installation of structured cabling systems, low-voltage systems wiring, fiber optic and copper. The Walker-based company provides design, implementation, project management, installation and maintenance in many markets, including financial, retail, government, education and medical. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the woman-owned and family-operated company has built a reputation with customers throughout the Gulf Coast region for its ability to manage largescale conversion processes within a short time frame. “We’re known for our ability to complete a task quickly and with maximum efficiency for our customers,” says Bart LeBlanc, Data-Tel’s secretary/ treasurer.

For example, if a retail store or bank takes over another company or moves into another company’s location, the wiring in the facility must be converted to meet the specific needs of the new company, including wiring for security cameras, sound systems or cash registers. Emily LeBlanc, president, says that with proper planning and coordination, Data-Tel can complete most conversions in one night, ensuring the customer does not lose valuable operating time. “We’ll make sure our customer has a seamless transition with minimal down time,” she says. In the two decades since the LeBlancs established Data-Tel, the company has experienced consistent growth, increasing annual revenues from $1 million to more than $3 million and growing from 12 employees to 22. Data-Tel installs about 1.4 million feet of cable per year. In addition to converting wiring in existing and renovated facilities, Data-Tel works with new construction. The company is licensed in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, and has a contract with the state of Louisiana to provide structured cabling
systems and low-voltage wiring for government projects. By designing systems with a 15-year lookout, Data-Tel helps businesses ensure their telecommunications cabling infrastructure will keep up with the business’ technology needs. Unlike other companies, Data-Tel owns several testers, which allow the company to more effectively and efficiently troubleshoot, service and certify cabling. Data-Tel also owns fiber fusion splicers
that can be deployed on demand to eliminate the customer’s downtime in emergency situations. And Data-Tel’s technicians participate in continuing
education, including programs offered by multiple manufacturers as technologies improve. Over the past decades, network requirements have evolved tremendously, which has led to a growing demand for cabling improvements. From the main frame days of low capacity cable to today’s choices of fiber optics, UTP copper and wireless connectivity—all are driven by speed requirements and cost efficiencies while being held to industry
standards. “Today we design, project manage, and install all the latest up-to-date network infrastructure being produced by manufacturers, with the ability to support speeds of up to 40 Gb,” said Bart LeBlanc. “The huge increase in bandwidth requirements has forced the cabling industry to match and exceed those numbers. Because of our relationships with today’s manufacturers, we can offer the full backing of their warranties, some of which extend beyond 25 years at no cost to our clients.”

Data-Tel has a certified Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) on staff. To achieve the RCDD certification, a professional must demonstrate knowledge in the design, integration and implementation of telecommunications and data transport systems and their related infrastructure. Data-Tel is also a corporate member of Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) and has BICSI certified installers on staff. In addition to building low-voltage wiring systems, Data-Tel also builds relationships. Indeed, Emily LeBlanc says Data-Tel’s relationship with customers extends well beyond the 8-to-5 workday, with the Data-Tel technicians available 24/7. “We provide each customer quality service,” she says, “and that means being there at 9 p.m. when the phone rings if that’s when they need us. We appreciate that our customers have choices. All of our employees operate under that philosophy.”

As seen in Baton Rouge Business Report – Annual Report

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